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As when we open the pages of a Fairy Tale, this is how the beauties of this corner of Kraljevac are discovered. A hidden place among forests, hills and vineyards, where silence is only touched by the rumor of nature. In the mornings we wake up with the awakening of the song of the roosters and the wild birds.

From the spring the multiple flowers of our gardens are a celebration of shapes and colors. The serene beauty of the forests that surround us allows pleasant walks among the diversity of trees such as acacias, birches, oaks, pines, beech, walnut and chestnut trees.

Contemplate a sunset from our lavender plantation in a magical moment where colors, smells, textures, sensations and emotions come together. There, in the middle of this space of natural beauty, are houses with many years of history, patrimony of an architectural and cultural culture of the zone of Croatia, with aesthetic details in their exteriors and interiors that inspire the visitor.

Dolina Kraljevac is not only a beautiful place, it is the possibility of living a country and rural lifestyle on the spot where the natural beauty, peace, cultural heritage and the welcome service for all our guests are complemented.